Author: Ashok

Andha Diganta (1989)

The idea of the subjugation of women and the subordination of people of either sex to the traditional values of the majority is central to Andha Diganta (‘Blind Horizon’, 1989), a film remarkable for the candour with which Mahapatra depicts the stubborn callousness which so often sustains people in their relations with others. Although suspicion, censoriousness and bitterness are at the heart of the work, Mahapatra opens his film somewhat ironically with a nocturnal music recital before the ancient ruined temple. It is easy to discern the suggestion of the authority of ancient tradition in the physical setting, but...

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Niraba Jhada (1983)

Niraba Jhada (The silent storm) is an 1983 award winning Oriya film directed by Manmohan Mahapatra.The film was produced by Manamohan under Chhaya Dhwani Productions. This is the only Odia film to be archived under Indian Films & Videos  sections in the Library of Congress. Cast Hemant Das Niranjan Patnaik Jayaswami Batakrishna Tripathy Rai Charan Das Asim Basu Crew Production: Chhayadhwani Production Direction and Screenplay: Manmohan Mahapatra Camera: Bidhu Shree  Bindhani and Shekhar Music: Shantanu Mahapatra Editing: Satyendra Mohanty Art: Asim Basu and Sampad Story The insular world of a single, remote village in Orissa becomes the universe for two hours in this absorbing,...

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