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Jharokh Releases Digitally

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Kolkata, 24 Dec 2021

Jharokh aka Ventilator, directed by Aneek Chaudhuri is finally releasing online for Indian Viewers on MovieSaints. After premiering in Indian film in Melbourne, followed by Official Selection in Boston and Asian Premiere in Dhaka International Film Festival, Aneek’s feature-length film is getting launched and this is the first time that any of his films is being made available to the Indian audiences.

Jharokh will also be made available soon to viewers worldwide and the director is already closing in on worldwide streaming rights deals.


As per Aneek Chaudhuri, “I am happy that finally, I am able to get a platform which is tailored for films of my genre i.e. extremely belonging to the arthouse genre and most importantly, I make silent films. Hence, it was not very easy to find a suitable platform that suits such films. Besides this, Jharokh or Ventilator is a film that is dark and at times, can seem too monotonous to most of the viewers. I needed the right target audience for my films. MovieSaints is actually a good choice in that case. Besides, the film will soon be available worldwide to the larger spectrum of audiences and I am already working on some fruitful deals.”

Jharokh aka Ventilator is a feature-length film by Indian Filmmaker Aneek Chaudhuri. The film is the third film of the director’s trilogy: 3 Women after films like White and Cactus. Jharokh is an analogy that talks about the plight of women and their need to escape from their existing conditions.

This is a silent feature-length film that stars Usha Banerjee, Husne Shabnam and Ipsita Kundu in leading characters and lengths up to 75 minutes in duration.

Why a Silent Film?

The answer is since this is a part of the trilogy following films like White and Cactus, I did not prefer to break the harmony by not making it a silent venture. Moreover, I am mostly indulged with Silent Cinema with the notion that this form of Cinema validates World Cinema to a larger extent.

Jharokh (Ventilator) comments on issues of Syrian warfare and the plight of women in the country; it relates the universality of crimes on women and creates a forum of active participation between the maker and its audiences.

Detailing on the storyline of the film: The film is divided into three parts-

  1. The First Part comments on the condition of Draupadi after she has been used as bait in the epic of Mahabharata. The modern-day characterizes the rebirth of new-age Draupadi who is buying herself back and does not depend on fellow men for her welfare.
  2. The Second Part narrates the story of a paralyzed man and his helpless nurse; she is a victim of domestic violence and lives a life of being a nurturer.
  3. The Third Part is the tale of a raped victim in Syria who is trying to escape from the clutches of her rapists. In the end, she needs to prioritize between meeting the urgency of her need (hunger, thirst) and need to run away from the heinous surroundings.

The duration of the film is 75 minutes in duration. The film is scripted, edited, and directed by Aneek Chaudhuri.