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Aneek Chaudhuri films an Ode to Charles Chaplin of boundless duration

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Kolkata, 30 November 2021

City filmmaker Aneek Chaudhuri has completed the shooting of his upcoming feature-length venture ‘A Sonnet to the Hushed Times’ which is a tribute to the Silent Era and to be precise, Charles Chaplin. More importantly, the film will not have a particular duration and can run up to hours after being edited. Interestingly, this feature-length has been shot on a phone.

Aneek Chaudhuri has been working relentlessly to revive Silent Cinema and this is altogether an effort to glorify Chaplin’s films and focus on the depth of their characters. ‘A Sonnet to the Hushed Times’ is likely to be a film where the characters of Chaplin’s films are dealing in the real world and even struggling to find a new mode of occupation as talkies have superseded the silent films.

As per Aneek, the director, “This is going to be a very personal film and all the artists are involved in a collaborative process. It has taken us months of preparation and I, myself, took a break from everything to get prepared for this, personally. For me, Charles Chaplin is one of the most impactful human beings we have got till date and has immensely shaped up a lot of people’s minds (including mine); it was a conscious decision to be audacious and work with this characters, more because we are thinking this to be a homage to the great man. This is out of love.”

A Sonnet to the Hushed Times Poster

Aneek Chaudhuri is directing the film and doing the Cinematography as well. The film stars Usha Banerjee (who earlier acted in Aneek’s Jharokh) and Avijit De.

Speaking more about the film, Aneek adds, “The film has been shot on a OnePlus phone and it was really a different experience as I have never earlier shot a film with a phone. And the whole team was very supportive indeed because when you are doing something out-of-the-box, you need that. Thankfully, I got like-minded people which made the thing easier. With Usha, I have worked before and she has been involved with the process since the time of its inception. And Avijit, I spotted during a year old audition and I was quite impressed with what I saw (then).”

Teaser – A Sonnet To The Hushed Times